Monthly Archives: June 2017

Here it goes!

Hi! This is Moomal and this is my first time writing a blog. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So, here it goes!!

I usually am not good with writing so pardon my mistakes as English is not my first language but I am still trying to be better every passing day.

A friend told me that we can write whatever we want, in a blog. This one is an introductory blog post. I hope I’ll get better with time.

Seems like I am not really making any sense. Lots of grammar mistakes and I was supposed to write an introduction! I have a bad habit of talking about different things at the same time, sometimes I even confuse myself as well as the person I am talking to.

Anyways! Hi again. I am Moomal M. Soomro and I am a self taught illustrator. I also self publish coloring books for grown ups. Published my fourth book few days ago, Color My Dress, if you wanna checkout it’s available on Amazon.

What interests me the most in being an indie artist is that you don’t have to follow orders and you create whatever you like. There always be people who would love what you love so there won’t be a “No Reaction”. And I love art so there’s a plus point that I will never be bored of creating something new everyday!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and I didn’t waste your precious time on nothing. See you soon with something better to share!